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For some, Nepal is home to the mother Goddess of the Universe, Chomolungma, better known as Mount Everest For others it is the great mountaineers such as Edmund Hillary, and for others it’s the land of brave Gurkha soldiers. Some are intrigued by its Hindu majority, others are interested in its Tibetan Buddhist regions, still others come to visit the birthplace of the historical Buddha. Whatever the reason, visitors always love the country because of its tremendous beauty, diversity and hospitable people.

Lhakpa Sherpa & Khumbu Adventures will help you to discover and explore this earthly paradise, a land of of eternal peace. He and his experienced guides of Khumbu Adventures will guide you through its world-renowned Himalayan peaks, the highest mountains in the world. With the help of Lhakpa & Khumbu Adventures, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime!

Khumbu Adventures, founded by Lhakpa Dorji and his wife Lhakpa Doma, offers a wide range of services to travelers who love travel, nature and the mountains. Whether your trip is in the high mountains of the Himalaya or the Terai, the steamy lowlands of Nepal, Khumbu Adventures will provide top-notch, professional services.